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Q. Who do I inform following a relative's death?

A. Following death, the following persons need to be notified:

  • The Bank or Building Society
  • The Inland Revenue
  • The Family Doctor and or the Hospital
  • Any employer, school, college or university
  • Social Services and Social Security
  • Investment and Insurance Companies, including Car Insurance
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Gas, Electric and Telephone also Water Companies
  • Any Professional Associations
  • The Local Authority

Document and Equipment that may be returned:

  • Vehicle Registration Documents
  • National Insurance Documents
  • Passport
  • Library Books and Tickets
  • All State Benefit Documents
  • Driving License
  • Car Insurance Documents
  • Club Membership Cards
  • Television Licence
  • National Health Service Equipment
  • Season Tickets

Consideration needs to be given to Wills and Probate in this situation. Please contact us for details of local professional advisors.

Q. What details are required for Registration Of Death?

A. The details that are required for the Registration Of Death are the following:

  • The full name of the deceased (including the maiden name of a married woman)
  • The date and place of birth of the deceased
  • The last usual address of the deceased
  • The date and place where death occurred
  • The deceased’s last occupation
  • The deceased’s marital status
  • The full name of the deceased’s marital partner, their last occupation and date of birth
  • Whether the state pension is paid by book or direct to an account
  • The only document required by the Registrar from the informant is the medical certificate of the cause of death issued by the doctor. However, if the Medical Card is available, it can be given to the Registrar
  • There is a legal requirement that within five days of the death occurring, registration must be carried out in the district in which death occurred

Q. Can I plan a Church service as well as a service at the chapel?

A. Within reason you can plan whatever you want. Many of our Planholders select their favourite hymns to accompany the service. Others have a song that means a lot to them or a piece of music they know they will be remembered by.

Q. What if I die away from home or on holiday?

A. We recommend that your travel policy includes full repatriation cover.

Q. Will there be any further cost for my executors?


Once paid for, the services of the Funeral Director detailed in your Plan are guaranteed to be covered (in accordance with the Terms & Conditions).

Disbursements may necessitate a further payment from you at the time of need, but Golden Leaves will guarantee any increase in the costs of Disbursements to the RPI (Retail Price Index).

Your executors may wish to pay for additional services at the time of the funeral.

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